Soccer Betting Options That You Can Use

Soccer Betting Options That You Can Use

It is almost impossible to win a bet if you don’t know the betting types or options in sports betting. You will not be able to be a successful punter by placing random wagers. Check the betting options at qq188 and learn about them! You will find the Soccer Betting Options That You Can Use in sports betting sites that will going to help you win.

Soccer Betting Options That You Can Use

Soccer Betting Options That You Can Use

Soccer Betting Options That You Can Use

Match Odds

This betting option is also known as money line, full-time result, and 1X2. It is also the most popular and easy betting type in soccer due to its straightforwardness. The name 1X2 refers to the three possible results which are Team A win, draw, and Team B win. Here is an example:

Birmingham City 4.45

Draw 3.55

Wolver Hampton Wanderers 1.75

You can see from the odds that Wanderers is favored compared to its opponent. The odds can be more balanced if both teams’ strengths are assumed to be equally strong. In some rare cases, the draw option can be the favorite.

Double Chance

Punters can choose two possible results of the match and win the bet if one of the outcomes comes true. Therefore, this bet option is perhaps the safest one among others in soccer. The odds are even worse than the Draw No Bet though.

Birmingham City or Draw 3.25

Birmingham City or Wolver Hampton Wanderers 2.50

Wolver Hampton Wanderers or Draw 1.00

Half Time and Half Time/Full Time

In Half Time option, you simply need to guess which team is leading at the end of the first half of the match. The Half Time/Full Time is a bit more complicated. Punters need to guess both the results of the first half and full time.

Over or Under Total Goals

This bet is also very simple. Bookies will give a certain number added to 0.5 decimal as the total goal. Punters only need to predict whether the total goals of both teams will exceed the stated amount.


This betting option is great to level the alleged strength difference between both teams. It is especially useful if you are sure that the underdog will play well. Bookmakers will give the handicap score to both teams. Thus, the outcome of the match based on this option may be different with the actual one. You may choose the likeliest possibility with low odds or vice versa.

Birmingham City (+1) 1.80 vs Wolver Hampton Wanderers (-1) 2.20

Birmingham City (+2) 1.55 vs Wolver Hampton Wanderers (-2) 3.45

First, Last and No Goal

This option is also easy. Punters only need to guess which team will score the First or the Last Goal. Furthermore, they can also bet on the No Goal possibility.


This betting type is quite complicated and difficult. Yet, it is popular as well. Punters mix some selections into one bet. They must also get each selection right. Due to its difficulty, bookies offer a handsome payout for the bet.


This bet is a long-term one. It is easy to make, yet quite difficult. Punters only need to predict the winner of the championship. They don’t base the decision on the individual match, but rather on the entire results of a league.

Those are the betting options that you can find in qq188. There are Soccer Betting Options That You Can Use. Knowing them is not enough. In order to win your wagers, you also need to devise some effective strategies to make the best of the options.

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