Sic Bo Online Top Techniques You Need to Learn and Win Money

If you’re a fan of ancient-Chinese-based game, you may have been familiar with Sic Bo or Tai Sai or big and small. This game, played with three dices, is so popular Macau, Asia. If you find it interesting, make sure you check the following Sic Bo online top techniques you need to learn and win money before playing it.

Sic Bo Online Top Techniques You Need to Learn and Win Money

#1 Know the Types of the Bets

Sic Bo is actually a simple game to play. But, there is one aspect of the game that seems to make this dice game a bit difficult: the bet variants. There are a lot of different types of bet you can make in this game.  In Sic Bo, you have the choices of making multiple bets as of placing different amount of bet in the same game. So, the need of understanding how each bet works and especially how they create a chance of winning big cash is a must.

On top of that, another important thing to understand in order to win money in this game is to know the house edge. House edge is the casino’s profit which is deducted from the bet you win. The cash that you win minus the house edge is the total payout that you can bring home.

Knowing the percentage of the house edge is important as a casino is a business that always wants to make profit. The law of ‘the lower the house edge, the better the bet that a bettor needs to choose’ should be highlighted.

#2 Know How to Play Your Bets

After knowing the types of Sic Bo bets, you also need to know the way it should be played in the game. The purpose of knowing it is not only to make a profit as big as possible but also to make the game as fun as possible.

There are two kinds of bet that are considered the best in this game. They are the small and the big bets. Choosing those two bets, not only do you have low house edge, you also have bigger chance to win up to half of the time.

Choosing either one of those bets may mount your winning chances. However, frankly speaking, using those bets continuously can lead to boredom in the long run. So, you need to consider another way to play the available types of bets in this game so this game can be both profitable and enjoyable.

One of the ways is to vary your betting types. There are actually many types of the bets offering different payouts and odds. Varying your betting type can excite and entertain you more. By combining your betting types and also choosing the best ones, your gaming experience will be complete.

The Sic Bo online top techniques you need to learn and win money are actually related to how you work with your money allocated for your bets. Without knowing the kinds of it and how to play it properly, you will not be able to get the best gaming experience.

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