Dragon Tiger Online Great Tricks to Use in Order to Win

Are you the dragon or tiger? Do you already know how to place a bet properly? Do you know the secrets to win the game? Well, if your answers are mostly ‘no’, worry not. We explicate the Dragon Tiger online great tricks to use in order to win below. Prepare your notes!

Dragon Tiger Online Great Tricks to Use in Order to Win

The first trick to use, which is actually basic, is using either dragon bet or tiger bet. Other betting types should not be counted.

Well, you may have found plenty of betting types in Dragon Tiger game, yet, you may have not known the pros and cons of each of them. From all the betting options available in the game, you better stick to either of those choices (dragon or tiger).

It is not aiming for limiting your playing strategy. It is all about earning profit as high as possible. Using either of those bets enable you to get the lowest house edge. Besides, choosing one of those betting options offers you more winning combination than the other betting types like tie bet.

Double Your Bet When You Lose

Doubling a bet might be scary for some bettors, especially the ones with limited money. Yet, worry not. You always have a choice of playing at a table with lowest limit of minimum bet. For those who have more cash in their bankroll, this may not be a big deal.

This is how you do it. Let’s say you just wagered 100 MYR on Dragon Tiger and turned out you lost. On the next round, you have to double that bet into 200 MYR. It is just as simple as that. You don’t need to worry about this as you have 50:50 chance of winning. Remember, in this game you only have two options to bet on.

No Need to Rush. Take Enough Time to Decide.

Being patient in this game is one of the important things in order to win. Before making a decision, you need to give yourselves enough time to wait, watch, and observe what has happened and will probably happen next. It will surely cost you some time, but it matters.

One of the examples of being patient in this game is when you are doing card counting. Do watch how the previous games work to predict the remaining cards in the deck a long with the number of the decks of the cards. Then, find out which cards are already used. You may take a note if you think you are unable to memorize. By doing these things, you are more likely to predict the left cards and the results more precisely.

Dragon Tiger game’s actually easy. Yet, being careless in setting up some strategies can always lead to losing. The Dragon Tiger online great tricks to use in order to win above are presented to remind you some important aspects of the game. Know what to do with your bet and finally give yourselves enough time to make a decision.

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